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Akshay Fasteners-Weldable Fasteners Manufacturer

Leading Stud Welding Machine Manufacturer & Suppliers

Akhay Fasteners founded in 2005 are today's leading manufacturer and supplier of quality industrial weldable fasteners and components for primarily automotive and non-automotive applications and as per customer's specification and requirement.

Akshay Fasteners - Stud Welding Machine Manufacturer

The company is continuously operating and dominating over 13 years in the field of Weldable Fasteners and Stud Welding Machine is backed by strong professionally qualified and experienced team dedicated to achieving the highest customer satisfaction by maintaining stringent quality control.

With the passion of improving our production procedures and quality standards, the company has always concentrated on widening and renovation of its sophisticated machine fleet and has invested in next-generation advanced technology for a better customer’s experience.

Akshay Fasteners in ARC welding studs Manufacturers

It is an authorized and ISO 9001-2008 certified company manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a wide range of ARC Welding Studs like threaded arc welding studs, full threaded arc welding studs, full base arc welding studs, no threaded arc welding studs, bent no threaded arc welding studs, tapped full base arc welding studs and other different arc welding studs.

ARC welding studs have is being used by numerous different industries like Construction, Mechanicals, Electrical, and Shipbuilding etc.

Our manufacturing plant of Arc welding studs and other fasteners/equipment is situated in Pune, Maharashtra. We supply ARC welding studs and distribute the products throughout the country. We as a leading ARC welding studs manufacturer devoted to cater best out of our rich resources and committed to provide world class product and services to our clients.

Akshay Fasteners in CD Studs welding Manufacturers

Our expertise in the field of CD Studs Welding process and technology can be recognized through our strong client base and market share that we have captured in a very short span of time.

CD Studs Welding is a highly versatile process for attaching fastenings to metal sheets being use by various big, medium and small industries like Automotive, Construction, Catering and Food Processing, Electrical Items, Heating and Ventilation Industrial, Shipbuilding, Farming and Agriculture etc.

Being as a successful CD Welding Studs Manufacturer we concentrate highly on working on innovative technology to enrich our products efficiency and meet the needs our industrial clients.

Our main CD Studs Welding and other different fasteners/ equipments manufacturing plant is situated in Pune (CD Welding Studs Pune) we manufacture and supply our highly demanded fasteners and equipments throughout the country.

Akshay Fasteners in Stud Welding Gun Manufacturers

Akshay fasteners are highly engrossed in manufacturing and supplying stud welding machine and other fasteners/ equipment serving since 2005. Akshay fasteners offer you the best industrial product, both by quality as well as the pricing standards.

We offer extensive range of stud welding machines, welding studs and other fasteners equipment required for various industrial purposes like stud welding machine for Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Automotive, Fabrication, Electric board panel.

Today with constant team effort and our dedication for serving best to the industry help us to become India’s best and leading studs welding machine manufacturer. We carry out our operation like manufacturing stud welding machines and other equipment from Pune (stud welding machines pune).

We manufacture it under strict vigilance of dexterous and skilled professionals, who are well versed with the predefined industrial standard and norms. We thoroughly examine it against the stringent quality parameter, to deliver defect free product at its destination/ industrial clients. As an India’s best stud welding machines manufacturer we have extensive capacity to deliver stud welding machines and equipment in bulk quantities within the stipulated time frame.

Akshay FastenersAn ISO 9001-2008 Company

Established in the year 2005, Akshay Fasteners is an ISO 9001-2008 company manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a wide range of stud welding machine and weldable fasteners. These include Insulation Pins, Insulation Clips, Capacitor Discharge Studs, Short Cycle Welding Studs. In addition, we also provide Stud Welding Collets, Arc Welding Studs, Ceramic Ferrules, cd welding studs, stud welders, and Cold Forged Items. These are manufactured using mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, brass, copper and others. Our strength as a leading manufacturer lies in our sophisticated manufacturing unit equipped with modern machinery.

Stud Welding Machine Pune About Us

About Us

Manufacturing and supplying of the comprehensive assortment of the Weldable Fasteners.

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Quality Certificate Quality

Quality Assurance

Being an ISO certified organization,it is evident to maintain strict quality norms in our entire business activities.

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NSIC ISO Certification Certificates


We have been certified with the NSIC ISO certification for our superior quality of products.

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Stud Welding Machine

Stud welding machine is basically a powerful and portable heat generating machine through electricity used for welding purpose in various industries deals in manufacturing.

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Stud Welding Machine

CD Welding Studs(Threaded)

Capacitor discharge stud welder is also known as portable welder because of its compact size and operate on very less 150 volt current supply even common outlets in home is enough for CD stud welding process by this capacitor discharge welder.

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CD Welding Studs(Threaded)

ARC Welding Studs

ARC welding studs also knows as Studs Welding used for welding rougher and thicker metal through Stud Welder.

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ARC Welding Studs

Internal Threaded Studs

Double end threaded stud is a steel bolt that is mostly threaded on both of its ends. ¼ “-28 Double end threaded studs are commonly used in the manufacturing, construction, and plumbing industries.

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Internal Threaded Studs

Stud Welding Gun With Cable

Stud welding gun with cable mainly used for shear stud welding in different industries work with energy storage/ capacitor discharge shear stud welding machine.

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Stud Welding Gun

Stud Welding Collets

Stud welding collets are basically is a fasteners accessories work with stud gun for joining two surfaces. There are different types of stud welding collets used in welding, it might be threaded arc welding collets or unthreaded arc welding collets.

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Stud Welding Collets

ARC Welding Collets

Akshay fasteners is also a renowned ARC welding collets exporter. We offers ARC Welding Collets with Arc Welding Equipment in affordable price, backed with all the Stud welding Accessories.

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ARC Welding Collets

Coarse Threaded Studs

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Threaded Studs such as Drawn ARC Threaded Studs and Coarse Threaded Studs

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coarse threaded studs

Short Cycle Studs

We are one of the leading manufacturers of the superior quality range of the studs like Short Cycle Welding Studs.

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short cycle studs
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