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Stud Welding Collets are essential accessories attached to the end of a stud welding gun to hold the welding stud for effective work of the welding process. Stud Welding Collets can be used multiple times thus providing savings of welding cost.

Akshay Fasteners is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Stud welding collets for the CD stud welding process. With the effective maintenance and due care in the use of the stud welding collets, it can be used over 1000 times resulting in an incredible return on the investment(ROI).

Arc Welding Collets have two slits in their sides one with a shoulder and the other has a hollow side. The sleeves of Arc welding collets optimize the pressure on the Arc welding studs having attachment with the Arc welding collets to hold the studs at the right position for the welding.

Akshay Fasteners provides multi-time useable Arc welding collets for the welding studs arc welding studs and drawn arc welding studs at the most affordable Arc welding collets price. Our arc welding collets are used in a wide range of industrial applications.

Types of Stud Welding Collets available in Akshay Fasteners

In addition to the standard stud welding collets, Akshay Fasteners manufactures and supplies welding collets in a threaded and unthreaded range. Akshay fasteners also provide a wide range of automatic stud welding collets used for the CD stud welding process.

Automatic stud welding collets have more durability than manual stud welding collets which make them an ideal match for the welding process requiring standardized and consistent applications. Automatic stud welding collets also give better accuracy and reduce operational errors.

Stud welding collets are available in different shapes and sizes based upon the clients’ requirements and demands. Stud welding collets are made up of metals like steel, stainless steel, pure copper, and brass and are available in different shapes and sizes.


How Arc welding Collets works | Provides high-level accuracy and effectiveness.

Arc Welding Collets works as a device used to hold the arc welding stud during the welding process. Arc welding collets have sleeves to optimize the pressure to be released from the stud welding gun in the welding process.

Arc welding collets are mainly used for heavy industrial applications due to their high resistance against heat and pressure. Arc welding collets hold the arc welding studs swiftly and tightly at the right positions even in detrimental environments.

Arc Welding collets have multi-time usage functions that provide high productivity and accuracy. In the welding industry, every company more or less uses Arc welding studs as an integral part of the welding accessories.

Akshay Fasteners provides multi-time useable Arc welding collets for the welding studs

Stud welding collets have applications in:

  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Engineering industry
  • Oil & gas industry
  • Fabrication industry
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    Advantages of Stud Welding Collets:

  • Ensures better return on investment:
  • Stud Welding Collets can be used multiple times. It requires minimal maintenance thus investing in stud welding collets ensures better return on investments for the company.

  • Reduces labor cost:
  • Stud Welding Collets are made to reduce the burden of labor. Stud welding collets are user-friendly and easy to use. It eliminates the redundant steps of the welding process which ultimately results in a reduction of labor costs.

  • Ensures greater productivity:
  • Stud Welding collets are helpful in simplifying the welding process. Stud welding collets are used by professionals extensively for doing consistent long-term work at one phase that will result in better productivity for the overall operation of the company.

  • User-friendly:
  • Stud Welding collets are famous for their user-friendly applications. Stud welding collets requires minimal technical expertise. One with basic knowledge of the stud welding process can easily operate the stud welding gin with the stud welding collets.

  • Ensures Standardization and consistency:
  • Stud welding collets are manufactured in compliance with the global standards every stud welding collet goes through the harsh testing process. Stud welding collets are tested and verified against harsh environmental conditions to ensure only the best quality stud welding collets are available for the consumers

    ARC Welding Collets- Applications:

    Construction Industry:

    Construction Industry uses Arc Welding Collets for a wide construction activity like constructions of building whether residential or commercial, Metro railway construction, highway roads constructions, etc.

    Arc welding collets are also used for underground construction work like sewer constructions, boiler construction, etc. Arc Welding collets with the combination of Nelson B collets increase the strength and longevity of the construction structures.

    Shipbuilding Industry:

    ARC Welding Collets are extensively used in the shipbuilding industry and play an insignificant role in shipping and delivering the cargo from one place to another without leakage and deterioration to the container.

    Arc welding collets with the combination of Welding B Collets and Nelson B Collets ensure the deck of the ship is watertight. Akshay Fasteners provides the best Arc welding collets at most affordable Arc welding collets price.

    Electrical industry:

    The electrical industry requires welding with high-level preciseness and accuracy which can be provided by Arc welding collets. Arc welding collets are used in manufacturing electrical switches, buttons, circuit boards, etc.

    Akshay Fasteners are popular in the electrical industry for their multi-purposes useable arc welding collets. We manufacture Arc welding collets for sale at the most affordable Arc welding collets price.


    Akshay Fasteners is a renowned stud welding collets manufacturer and the most trusted Arc welding collets manufacturer providing the best weldable fasteners accessories at the most affordable price.

    From the continuous innovation and development in the area of stud welding collets for sale, we have gained a large market of stud welding collets and arc welding collets in such a short span of time and we are looking forward to serving our customers in the best possible way.