Why choose the Stud welding Guns.

Stud welding guns are used for the shear stud welding process in diverse industrial works to create the standard welding solutions from the CD shear stud welding machines and drawn arc welding studs machine. Stud welding guns are famous for their quick and strong welding solutions.

The stud welding gun is mainly used to insert a stud fastener between the two bodies for welding. Stud welding guns are used to join two metals by inserting CD welding studs or Arc welding studs into them thus stud welding guns make the stud welding process relatively quick and easy.

Stud welding guns are lightweight, easy to carry, and require less power. Using a stud welding gun makes CD stud Welding, Arc stud welding, or Shear stud welding, etc. relatively easy and fast. Stud welding is a complex process. It requires a certain level of knowledge and information to operate it.

How Threaded Stud Welding Gun boosts stud welding productivity.

Threaded welding studs are used to connect the two male components like screws, nails to each other in the stud welding process. Threaded stud welding makes this process simple and straightforward. It reduces welding time in the stud welding process.

Threaded stud welding guns are mainly used on the heavy base material for joining threaded studs to a structure. Threaded stud welding guns are designed and developed to weld the rougher surface material using threaded studs. Threaded stud welding guns ensure welding quality would not be hampered.

Akshay Fasteners leading supplier and distributor of premium-quality threaded stud welding guns made with high-quality materials. We manufacture customized threaded stud welding guns as per the demand and requirements of the clients. Being an ISO-certified company our threaded stud welding guns are tested and certified on the global standards

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How to use a Shear Stud welding gun

STEP 1: Determine the gun adaptor to be used in the stud welding process based upon the size, nature, and diameter of welding studs need.

STEP 2: Select the appropriate ferrule grip needed depending upon the size of the studs. For studs shorter than 2 inches use a closed ferrule grip and for studs longer than 2 inches select split or opened ferrule grip.

STEP 3: In the third step, you should determine what size of arc legs you need. It should be based upon the size and diameter of the weldable fasteners and welding accessories.

STEP 4: Select the size of the arcs foot. Which is based upon the parameters:

  • Short: Stud Size 1/8- 1/2 inches
  • Average: Stud Size 5/8 - 3/4 inches
  • Long: Stud Size 7/8 - 1 inch

  • STEP 5: In the fifth stage have the most important step of determining the type of arc foot needed for the shear stud welding guns Determine the type of arc foot you need. Commonly, for a shorter stud measuring up to 2 inches you should use closed foot arcs, and for the longer studs, splits are appropriate for easy loading to the shear stud welding guns.

    Stud welding guns are lightweight, easy to carry, and require less power.

    Reason to choose the Drawn Arc stud Welding Guns

    Drawn Arc stud Welding gun produces the most complete welding solution for the stud welding process. Drawn Arc stud Welding guns have a modular design used by the professionals for the drawn arc stud welding process to achieve most reliable welding solutions.

    Drawn Arc Stud Welding guns have special specifications of stud welding systems in which they can be used multiple times. Stud welding guns can be used with stud welding sources to obtain the most reliable results from the CD stud welding and Arc studs welding process to maximize productivity.

    Akshay Fasteners is an eminent and in the area of Drawn Arc stud welding guns for providing the industry’s most reliable Drawn arc stud welding guns at an affordable stud welding gun price. Drawn Arc stud welding guns are tested and certified on the global guidelines and standards.

    Stud welding Guns blog

    Stud Welding Guns Applications

    Stud Welding Guns in the Aerospace Manufacturing:

    Stud Welding guns are used extensively in the aerospace manufacturing industry for manufacturing airplanes, fighter jets, helicopters. Stud welding Guns produce the most heat and pressure-resistant welding which the aerospace industry needs the most.

    The aircraft manufacturing maintenance departments professionals use Stud Welding Guns in the welding process of aircraft in the right way. Maintaining the structure of the aircraft in the right positions.

    Akshay Fasteners manufacture and distribute the best stud welding guns for hassle-free Welding Solutions with high precisions, our Stud Welding Guns without cable fix all nuts and weld the holding parts of the planes with the capacitor discharge stud welding gun.

    Auto motors manufacturing :

    Stud welding Guns are precisely used in the manufacturing of motorcars and heavy vehicles like trucks, Volvos, buses, etc. The auto motors industry is regulated by the Government authorities and required to be complied with by strict compliances. Stud welding Guns produce the best welding solutions for the automotive manufacturing industry.

    CD Stud Welding Gun and Drawn arc stud welding are mainly used for manufacturing heavy vehicles. Due to their clean, strong welding finishes with minimal damage to the parent metals. CD welding studs leave no blackening on the opposite side of metals which makes it a perfect match for automotive manufacturing.

    Constructions Industry

    The construction industry has multiple uses of stud welding guns in diverse welding requirements. Stud Welding Guns are used for welding heavy metal plates anchors and supporting iron structures for cement block structure constructions.

    Shear Stud Guns makes welding solutions process in the construction industry organized and structured manner for better production and safety for workers. Stud Welding guns are also used in building shades and temporary structures for the resting of workers.

    Akshay Fasteners is a leading manufacturer and supplier of CD Stud Welding Gun and Drawn arc stud welding for the stud welding guns requirement of the construction industry. We are the ISO-certified company well-known for our premium stud welding for sale at the most reasonable stud welding gun price.