Reasons to choose Short Cycle Studs.

Short Cycle Studs is the advanced form of Drawn arc welding studs for fastening metal studs and other fasteners to the other metal sheets. Short cycle studs can perform the stud welding process in milliseconds ranging from 10-100 milliseconds.

A short cycle stud can be proved more helpful where the parent material has more thinner applications. This makes short cycle studs an ideal match for the welding on thicker fastening studs. Where the CD stud welding process can not be applicable.

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How Internal Threaded studs work?

As the name suggests Internal threaded studs are the stud welding studs threaded internally either on one end or on both ends. If both ends have internal threaded studs then it is known as double end threaded studs. Internal threaded studs connect two solid male components like screw anchors.

Double-end internal threaded studs have threads of equal size and length wherein the one-end internal threaded studs’ length of thread engagement is unequal. Internal Threaded studs are used to fix the two male components at the right position and height. Female components usually do not require internal threaded studs.

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Akshay Fasteners holds expertise in the area of Internal threaded manufacturers

Short Cycle drawn arc stud welder appropriate match short cycle stud welding process.

Short Cycle drawn arc stud welders are mostly used for the short cycle stud welding process. Their short size and quick welding features make them the right match for short cycle stud welding. It requires a base surface like bright thin materials, rolling skin, a thin layer of oil, zinc coating on the metal sheet.

In the process of short cycle stud welding short cycle drawn arc stud welder with a stud welding gun, parent material can be welded with the fasteners with the simple and straight short-cycle welding process. Although short cycle stud welding can also be done by drawn arc stud welding studs.

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Coarse Threaded Studs ensures better productivity and Return on Investment (ROI).

Coarse threaded studs ensure the stud welding process can be performed smoothly and swiftly. It holds the welding studs at the appropriate position and helps to remove the redundant steps while performing the CD stud welding process. Many industries use coarse threaded studs as their primary solutions for the threaded studs.

Coarse threaded studs are widely used in the area of construction of trains and mechanical departments as coarse threaded studs provide the maximum safety and assurance for the stud welding process. As the Government has significant control train building industry.

Akshay Fasteners with our unparallel coarse threaded studs ensures better productivity and sustainable growth for your business as our coarse threaded studs excels on the standards made by the Government for coarse threaded studs thus it results in increased return on investment.

Short Cycle Studs

How to perform short cycle stud welding?

Following are the steps involved in performing Short Cycle Stud welding:

  • Step 1: Setting up the weld time and current as required by studs diameter.
  • Step 1: Setting up the weld time and current as required by studs diameter.
  • Step 2: Placing the short cycle studs on the base material.
  • Step 3: Trigger the stud welding gun to produce the spark.
  • Step 4: The main arc ignites the melted pool on the base metal sheet.
  • Step 5: Weld the base metal with studs at the right temperature.
  • Step 6: Return to the low temperature to forge the welding process.
  • Step 7: In this way, Short Cycle Stud welding is being completed.

  • Advantages of Short Cycle Studs

    1. High resistance capacities:

    Short Cycle Studs have more resistance capacity than CD welding studs . Short Cycle Studs can smoothly work with irregularities and imperfections like extremely high or low temperatures. Thinner or coated metals etc.

    2. Convenient in use:

    One of the greatest advantages of the short stud cycle is that it requires minimum supportive welding accessories, unlike drawn arc welding studs it does not require ferrules and uses less energy than the drawn arc welding process.

    3. Savings in Equipment Costs:

    Short Cycle Studs are relatively cheaper than Drawn Arc welding studs in addition to that in the short cycle stud welding process cheaper CD welding studs can also be used thus it makes a profitable option to use short cycle studs for the welding requirements

    4. Latest technology and automation:

    Short Cycle studs are the advanced form of CD welding Studs currently most of the industry uses short cycles studs for their welding requirement. Automation in the area of Short cycle studs has made the stud welding process much faster which ultimately results in a better return on investment.

    Benefits of Coarse Threaded Studs:

  • Coarse Threaded studs Increase stud welding productivity.
  • Coarse Threaded studs have greater durability.
  • Coarse Threaded studs have high corrosion resistance and tolerance.
  • Coarse Threaded studs can also work in extreme environments.
  • Coarse Threaded studs have appropriate torque accuracy.
  • Conclusion:

    Akshay Fasteners is a renowned name in the field of short cycle studs manufacturer and popular in the stud welding industry for the superior quality short cycle studs, short cycle drawn arc stud welder, internal threaded studs, and coarse threaded studs. Akshay Fasteners has gained a large market share in short cycle stud manufacturers since 2005.